D cut grinding machine D cut forming at the end of the precision shafts with a great productivity using a continuous shaft feeding system with a carrier. The carrier system makes D cut and other grinding work extremely effective.

No skillful worker is required for using RD-24
Just provide blank shafts to the hopper, then the blank shafts are fed to the carrier and grinding is started automatically and continuously. No skillful work for operation or complicated set-up change the machine is needed. Further, no scratches on the cut part’s surface occurred by the carrier.

D cut ground shafts are discharged and carried to the shooter
Synchronously, accurately and completely controlled left and right main spindles including inclination and distance between left and right main spindles and work location provide superior rolling performance with which you could surely be satisfied.

A CBN grinding wheel used for D cut grinding is easily corrected on the machine
Once install the CBN wheel correcting device, which is an optional item,and you can correct the CBN grinding wheel easily on the machine. Extremely accurate carrier feeding system provides ±10μm or more accuracy of the thickness of the D cut part.


* A carrier must be changed according to the outer diameter and length of the shaft you are going to grind.
Machine type RD-24
Grinding method Continuous grinding method with a carrier
Grinding range of outer diameter φ1.0~6
Grinding range of overall length 6~90mm
Ground surface One end(D cut grind)
Wheel drive motor 3.7kw 1 unit
R.P.M. of Wheel rotation Variable speed with an inverter
Carrier rotation Variable speed with an inverter
Total weight 1,600kg
floor space for RD-24 1,200×900mm