Galaxy is the best CNC rolling die machine by produced Nissei Japan. Nissei has been trying to change the conventional plastic processing rationally and revolutionary by Galaxy and the other rolling machine series which are awarded many times in Japan

Nissei Galaxy CNC Rolling Die Machine

The mechanical structure of Galaxy

A four-pillar structure provides high rigidity and keeps proportional and well-balanced work conditions when rolling heavily; Unevenness of rolled work is being kept within around 3 to 5 um when applying 8 to 9 ton rolling pressure(GA-160/CNC).

All the axes of Galaxy are controlled synchronously and accurately

Synchronously, accurately and completely controlled left and right main spindles including inclination and distance between left and right main spindles and work location provide superior rolling performance with which you could surely be satisfied.

The superior rotational control of Galaxy’s main shafts / axes

The left and right shafts/ axes are controlled with each encoder which measure the shafts’/axes’ rotation. The full-closed control of shafts/ axes provides a perfect synchronous movement within 0.01degree during rolling work.

The main spindle inclination control

Using CNC to the main spindle inclination control at 0.001 degree is the first try in the world rolling machine history.

The control of the distance between two shafts

The distance between two shafts are controlled simultaneously with an linear scale at 0.5um. In the no-load, the distance is kept at 1 μm.

Rolled samples with Galaxy CNC series

  • Reciprocating rolling work samples

    EPS worm

  • Through feed rolling work samples

    1.Ball screw
    2.Variable thread spline

  • Multiple rolling work

    One Cycle-3 type Forming
    Workpiece Specifications:Material S45C Length 250mm
    (1) Thread M16xP1.5
    (2) Thread M18xP1.5
    (3) Thread M16xP1.5

  • Compound form rolling

    One Cycle-3 type Forming
    Workpiece Specifications:Material S45C Length 180mm
    (1) Thread
    (2) Seration
    (3) Spline

  • Reciprocating rolling work


  • Compound form rolling

    Producing double threads, which are different leads and pitches each, to the bolt during the same rolling

Outline of rolling machines

Series-Model Type:In-feed/
Applicable Thread Machine Capacity
Max. Outer
Max. Length(㎜) Pitch (㎜) Max. Rolling
Pressure (KN)
Max. Spindle
Revolution (/min)
Max. Tilt Angle
GA-160A In-feed 75 145 0.5~6.0 160 150 No Inclination
No Thru-feed
GA-160B In-feed 75 145 0.5~6.0 160 150 ±5
No Thru-feed 40 6000
GA-330A In-feed 75 145 0.5~6.0 200 75 No Inclination
No Thru-feed
GA-330B In-feed 75 145 0.5~6.0 200 42 ±5
No Thru-feed 50 6000
GA-1200B In-feed 100 190 1.0~10.0 600 26 No Inclination
No Thru-feed 90 6000 No Inclination